Alexandra Health, together with the School of Information Systems (SIS) at the Singapore Management University (SMU) have established a partnership to work together to demonstrate fresh and better ways to serve and satisfy patients whenever they are interacting with the Alexandra Health system. Through this partnership, a joint mechanism known as the “T-Lab” has been established that enables students, staff and faculty of SMU’s School of Information Systems (SIS) to team with professionals from Alexandra Health to work on a continuing series of projects to improve service delivery, quality, productivity and experience..

“T” stands for transformation, and the new T-Lab provides an organizational mechanism for the new hospital to plan, pilot, evaluate and implement service delivery improvements on an ongoing basis. The letter “T” is also important for its shape. It symbolizes that today’s service delivery professionals must have “T-shaped” skills with depth in one’s own area of expertise as well as depth to work with all the other types of people one must collaborate with for service delivery. The T-Lab also provides opportunity for the SMU participants to learn about the practicalities and complexities of transforming healthcare service delivery. Students in particular, will see why they need a “T-shaped” profile to succeed as a professional once they graduate and enter the workforce.

This partnership also provides for academic exchanges where SIS faculty will play an active role in research studies and consultancy for KTPH, while members of Alexandra Health’s senior management have been appointed as adjunct faculty at the SMU School Information Systems, involved in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Students will be able to tap the adjunct faculty’s extensive experience for insights into the healthcare operations and service delivery. In turn, Alexandra Health staff will benefit from interacting with SMU faculty on ways to improve processes and operations, and work with the Institute of Service Excellence at SMU for research and advice on the benchmarking of service delivery and customer satisfaction.

From left: Professor Steven Miller, Dean of the School of Information Systems, SMU and Mr Liak Teng Lit, Chief Executive Officer of Alexandra Health

Last updated on 18 Feb 2016 .